Saturday, July 29, 2006

New Blogs on the Block

Though linked already on the "Blog Roll," I want to draw special attention to Nazarene Roundtable, which should be bookmarked by anyone interested in "thinking Nazarenes thinking Nazarenely"™ (that's my phrase, by the way).

Scott Collins and Joseph Wood have done us a great service by setting up this discussion space. Unlike this blog, Nazarene Roundtable takes as its only focus the mission expressed in its self-description: "a grassroots effort to re-educate our Church of the Nazarene about what they already believe."

Nazarene Roundtable began as an email discussion between a few friends about the Nazarene take on licensed ministry and ordination - namely, when does one become a "reverend" and why, exactly? That discussion, as it unfolded in the emails passed back and forth, is chronicled on the site, along with a few "blog-only" additions.

I intend to participate actively on that blog as well as this one and invite any and all who might be interested in getting involved here to get involved there as well. They, as well as we, have an open member policy, so if you would like to contribute original posts of your own, contact me (for Sacramental Nazarenes) or Scott (for Nazarene Roundtable) to get those privileges worked out. If you're interest is piqued but not enough to bother contributing per se, comments there, as here, are open to all.

Spread the word...


Scott M. Collins said...

You've got to be kidding me. I almost named the roundtable blog this ;-)

Brannon Hancock said...

well, great minds think alike...that's awesome! i went back and forth between "sacramental nazarenes" and "sanctifying worship" for the URL, but figured I wanted sacrament and nazarene both in the URL and could make the title whatever I wanted, and even change it from time to time if the Spirit moves. so we'll see what happens.