Sunday, March 25, 2007

A Means of Grace...

"God our Father,
maker of all that is living,
we praise you for the wonder and joy of creation.
We thank you from our hearts
for the life of this child,
for a safe delivery,
and for the privilege of parenthood.
Accept our thanks and praise,
through Jesus Christ our Lord."

"Almighty God,
look with favour on this child;
grant that, being nourished with all goodness,
he may grow in discipline and grace
until he comes to the fullness of faith;
through Jesus Christ our Lord."

"God our Father, we pray to you
for all who have the care of this child.
Guide them with your Holy Spirit,
that they may bring him up in the ways of truth and love.
Through their care enable him to grow in grace
and become daily more like your Son, our Savior Jesus Christ."


What a miracle. To God be the glory.

[Prayers from The Alternative Service Book 1980, "Thanksgiving for the Birth of a Child," pp. 213-17]
[Edit] By the way...IT'S A BOY: Andrew Scott Hancock!

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