Tuesday, August 01, 2006

"changes come...turn my (comment-)world around..."

[10 cool points to anyone besides my wife who can name the lyric reference in this post's title.]

commenting and trackback has been added. I think this will make the whole comment and discussion scene flow more easily, and it allows me to edit comments, rather than only having the option to delete. (Someone will notice that a critical comment directed at a particular church and pastor has been modified slightly - I do apologize to that someone for taking this liberty.)

I've seen Haloscan at work, very well actually, on other blogs. Still, in the spirit of "it's not my blog, it's OUR blog," please let me know if you absolutely hate this and I'll consider switching it back - however, I've already spent 15 minutes copying and pasting previous comments from blogger into Haloscan so we haven't lost anything important - and I'm pretty sure switching back would mean that I'd have to do the same thing all over again for any new Haloscan comments to show up in the blogger comments.

Sorry about the little ads at the bottom - but that's why it's free. Ignore them.

Beware: Haloscan can and will cut-off long comments at 3,000 CHARACTERS [UPDATE: I'd previously misunderstood this as 3K WORDS, which is NOT the case...3K characters is more like 500 words], I have discovered. I can upgrade to a "premium" account for $12/yr. (which gets rid of the ads) to allow up to 10,000-character comments. Still, if that need arises, it's probably worth the $12. Anyway, for now don't get TOO long-winded (if it's THAT good, it deserves to be its own post, people!), and if you do post a long comment, check after clicking "publish" to see that it's all on there. If not, you can tack it on by immediately posting a follow-up comment.

One last thing: after posting a comment, you can't post another one for 30 seconds. Again, just a head's up. No limit on how many comments in a row you can publish, you just have to space them by 30 seconds.

Blah, blah, web-jargon, blah. Now, back to the good stuff...

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