Friday, August 04, 2006

Upcoming Attractions

Just a quick post to let everyone know about two "features" that I hope to run regularly on this blog. And as with everything else, I hope to not be the only one taking the lead on this, and will not hesitate to call on some of you and start handing out assignments.

First, I want to do a Hymn of the Month, which will consist simply of posting the text to a particular hymn, including the tune name and metrical 'code' so you hymnal-savvy few can try singing it. The point here is two-fold: 1) to introduce a hymn that might not be familiar to most Nazarenes, who are becoming less hymn-literate all the time, and 2) particularly a hymn that has a sacramental theme. (This second criterion can be construed loosely if one so desires.) There are plenty of "eucharistic hymns" out there, hundreded even written by the Wesleys that we never sing (we've only got about 6 in the latest COTN hymnal), and perhaps we can give a few of them a second lease on life.

Second, I would like to publish a monthly Book Review. This could, but needn't necessarily be, a book about worship, liturgy, the sacraments, sacred music, contemporary worship trends, the emergent/emerging church, or just theology or church history in general. This could also, but again, not necessarily, be a work of fiction or collection of poetry that has a sacramental or generally theological current running through it (such as the poetry of Scott Cairns). It would be great if those who might be interested in contributing to the monthly book reviews would contact me and "sign up" to do so by suggesting the book title and when it would be convenient for them to submit the review.

I'm open to suggestions of other "features" as well, so click on "comments" and bring it. What else would people like to see? Think outside of the box...not standard fare like CD and film reviews, which would be a bit outside the scope of this site, but...I dunno, things like "Church Reviews," where someone reviews a worship service they've attended recently (perhaps in the style of the now-deceased "Church Blog"), or reviews of recently, or not-so-recently visited worship spaces: from cathedrals to store-fronts and everything in between...this could fall under the title "Church Reviews" too...but a better name, for either idea, would be good. Anyway, I'm just throwing this out there...if you don't like it, you can send it right on back.

SO, unless I receive a barrage of interest, I will likely kick us off this month with a hymn and a book. Check back over the next few weeks to see what we've got on offer!

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