Sunday, August 06, 2006

Lutherans Like Us

[Please don't let the dual meaning of my post title pass unnoticed: I spent a good 3 minutes trying to think of a decent title.]

Stat Counter is cooler than I realized: it tells me where blog-visitors are from (roughly) and, in some cases, how they were referred to the blog (e.g. the email I sent around, a link from another site, etc).

Thanks to this handy web-tool, I discovered that my buddy Nate Hilkert, a Lutheran seminarian with some Nazarene family roots, has given us some free press, and we thank him for this!

Nate's short reflection on his early experiences with the COTN and on the relationship between mainline and evangelical churches is insightful, and I encourage you to go read it. I appreciate that at least one "sacramental Lutheran" (soon-to-be-pastor, no less) approves of our efforts here.

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