Friday, August 04, 2006

(Late) Summer Reading

Perhaps you've noticed some new content in the sidebar...? Or if not, scroll down...down...keep going until you see book covers off to the right.

Okay, I know the summer's almost's about to start back up and the like. And "summer reading," at least as it was assigned at my high school, was always handed out by the English teacher in May or June before the end of the previous school year. That way you had plenty of time to read over the summer and could pass your tests administered the first week or two of school.

So I realize this is late...but better late than never. Of course, there will be no tests. In fact, you don't have to read any of these books! Not if you don't want to. They are merely recommended. However, and this is important, I don't want to be the only one recommending books. So post your suggestions in the comments and I will add them to "our library."

The point here is to compile a list of books on sacraments, liturgy, worship, the church, ministry, mission, preaching, pastoral care - whatever you find really useful - in keeping, as far as possible, with the scope of this site. I mean, if there is book you're just dying to recommend but it's not about worship (etc.), still shout it out...we're all here to benefit from each other and our collective experiences, personalities and opinions, so don't hold back. But do think about why this site is here and how this might serve as a resource to any and all.

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